Finishing Products

The Hannant’s brand was first established in 1992 to bring to the market water based products that  were safer to use both for the user and the environment without compromising on quality finish and durability. It was identified very early on that there was a gap in the market for these products which do not contain the hazardous chemicals commonly found in wood finishing products.


Hannant’s range of traditional wax polishes are made from Bees wax and Carnauba wax in a refined white spirit blend giving excellent application performance, durability and quality of finish as well as excellent water repellent properties without the use of dangerous quick drying solvents such as Toluene.

Our Soft Wax Polishes are easily applied with a paintbrush, cloth or sponge. Our Easy and Liquid Waxes can also be applied much faster in the same way, or sprayed with pneumatic spraying equipment. All our waxes will rejuvenate and restore all interior wooden surfaces from furniture to floors to doors and beams etc.

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