Finishing guide

1. Waxing
Most commonly applied to furniture that has a low to medium usage. For examples dressers and doors.


2. Danish Oil
Mostly commonly applied to furniture that has a medium to high usage. For example chairs, dining tables and chest of drawers.

finishing - Danish Oil

3. Repainting
After stripping, painting on a fresh surface will give a much better finish and look to the furniture. When painting over existing paint the surface can become uneven and corners / edges clogged with paint.



4. Our wood finishing process:-
1. Original Condition
2. Stripped
3. Sanding out the wood
4. Cleaning down with white spirit.
5. Application of sanding sealer if required.
6. Waxing / oiling / varnishing the surface.
7. Polishing the surface – for waxing only.


Finishing for metal:-
We have found that the best finish for metal is Hammerite.